Changing Seasons

The days are getting a little cooler as autumn approaches. Fortunately I thought ahead and ordered some lovely new knitwear which has arrived in store. It's so lovely, I splashed out on something for myself. 

Immerse Knit (by Isle of Mine) 

One of the very first things I had to do when I launched Darcy back in November 2021, was to place orders for autumn and winter. It was my first time ordering stock and had many questions about what I should order. In the end, you have to trust your own judgement and click send on the order. Those orders are starting to arrive now and I'm feeling very happy with my choices.

This month we have welcomed two new brands to Darcy. Take a look at our range from Australian brands OnceWas (arriving any day now) and Kinny. We also have new stock from some of our most popular labels including TuesdayLTB JeansIsle of Mine, Minx and Eb & Ive. I've just finished loading everything into our system and website. 

Queen Blazer (Tuesday Label)

Our store room is piled to the roof (almost) with empty boxes as our lovely new items arrive. We have received some a little earlier than expected as suppliers try to ship stock to avoid delays in Australia. I've just added a recycling run to my husbands weekend job list.

Metropol Magazine recently published an editorial on Darcy. It was a lot of fun having a model in-store for the photo shoot and a thrill to see my boutique in a magazine I read. (Darcy in Metropol)

One of the nice things about working in my own business is the support I have received from customers. On several occasions recently, customers have come into Darcy especially to support me. I've also had some lovely reviews on our Facebook page and Google. It always brightens my day when I someone takes the time to write a review. 

This shop has the wow factor! I popped in for a peek and found two dresses that I couldn't decide between so bought both. I felt very relaxed with no pressure whatsoever as I took my time trying on numerous items. Thanks so much, I can't wait to wear them very soon on my trip to the Abel Tasman. - Caroline Carney

It has been a difficult time for many small retailers and I truly appreciate the support.

Thank you,